Laser Cavity Detection

Laser Cavity Detection

What if you could find cavities before they were ever visible on an X-ray or to the naked eye? It’s possible! As part of our family dentistry services, our laser cavity detection program helps us:

  • Pinpoint cavities in their earliest stages
  • Provide minimally-invasive care
  • Preserve healthy tooth structure
  • Reduce your dental care expenses

Dr. Horlick routinely uses laser decay detection during your preventive care appointments. Using light and sound technology, these lasers are able to measure the density of your tooth enamel, alerting us to any weaknesses or demineralization before it has a chance to develop further. Should any surface changes be present, the laser will emit an auditory signal and digital reading to indicate how significant the change is.

Fewer Fillings Thanks to Lasers

Some cavities can be caught at such an early stage, that they can be remineralized with fluoride. Others may only require sealants. Laser technology allows the deepest, narrowest grooves of your teeth to be assessed for abnormalities in the enamel. Your laser cavity screening is completely painless and takes only a second or two to complete on each tooth.

The areas of most concern include deep pits and fissures in the chewing surfaces. These areas can be so narrow that not even a dental instrument or toothbrush bristle can enter into them. With a laser, you can screen for tooth decay in areas just like these, before it destroys your tooth enamel.

When paired with a thorough exam by Dr. Horlick, laser cavity detection means healthier smiles for you and your family. Who wouldn’t want fewer trips to the dentist? Not only do we minimize the treatment you need, we help protect your teeth from bigger, more expensive problems before they have the chance to develop.

Exams and X-rays are essential, but even then, some cavities need to be large enough before they can ever show up on a film or be felt with an instrument. If you’re already prone to developing tooth decay because of weak teeth, our lasers will help us keep your teeth healthier for as long as possible.


Major Insurance Providers Accepted

Cherokee Smiles is happy to help arrange payment of benefits through your dental insurance carrier as we work with most insurance companies. Even if we are not a part of your insurance network it still may be possible for you and your family to receive coverage for dental treatment. To find out more, contact one of our financial coordinators by calling us.

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