7 MORE of the scariest medical conditions with links to oral health

Poor oral health, gum disease and edentulism have all been linked by researchers to life-threatening conditions.

There’s been a lot of buzz about oral systemic health in the news, and for good reason: A whole host of new discoveries have pinpointed that poor oral health is linked to some very serious medical conditions — and that treating oral health conditions could potentially serve as a preventative measure.

Oral bacteria have long been known to play a role in overall health, but lately periodontal disease and the bacteria that cause it have been specifically linked to health conditions including several types of cancer, pulmonary infection, arthritis, cognitive decline and more. Researchers are hard at work pinpointing whether treating oral health issues could lessen the risk of these serious medical events, but for now, it’s critical to recognize the link and impress upon dental patients the importance of good oral health — because their lives could depend on it.