Best Oral Health Practices Everyone Should Follow – Acworth, GA

Proper oral care does not only start or end at home, and a single visit to the dentist also is not enough. In order to attain a perfectly healthy and beautiful smile, the focus should not only be for the teeth but to the other oral structures as well. It only goes to show that proper oral health care is not something that can just be performed simply, it also requires attention as well as commitment. But it does not have to be hard or bothersome.


Healthy Teeth


To help everyone achieve excellent oral health and to also make it easier for them to observe proper hygiene practices, here are some tips!

Brushing is caring.

Most people may already be tired of hearing this, but brushing really is an essential part of everyone’s oral hygiene practices. Make sure to brush the teeth at least twice a day for two minutes at a time. Avoid doing it vigorously since it can cause harm than good. Gentle yet precise movements are best to remove any harmful substances on the teeth effectively.

Flossing is a must.

Despite the proper brushing techniques, there are still some areas in the teeth that cannot be reached properly even with thin-bristles. The spaces in between the teeth are places where food particles usually get stuck to, and it is the area which floss can handle easily. Flossing once a day is required for a more thorough clean when partnered with brushing.

Do not neglect your tongue.

As it is part of the mouth that touches the foods, it can also be a home to harmful substances like plaques. It is best to clean the tongue gently every time the teeth are brushed. Using a toothbrush is fine, but tongue scrapers may also be more effective.

Choose the best toothpaste.

Not every toothpaste is the same; some may be mouth-friendly while others are harmful. Others contain abrasive components that can contribute to the wear of the enamel. On the other hand, those that have fluoride effectively strengthens and preserves the teeth by serving as a barrier against acids that can potentially damage the teeth.

Say yes to mouthwash.

Other people skip mouthwash thinking that plain water can get the job done, but think again. Rinsing the mouth with a mouthwash actually helps lessen acids in the mouth, clean hard to access portions, and aids in the remineralization. Just make sure to avoid those that have alcohol since it can cause the mouth to dry, which can lead to bad breath.

Stay hydrated.

As dry mouth is a culprit of bad breath, drinking the adequate amount of water promotes saliva production that keeps the mouth clean and healthy.

Eat healthy fruits and vegetables.

Not only is it good for the body, but to the mouth as well. It goes especially to those with a crunchy texture like pears, apple, carrots, and celery. Chewing these aids in the removal of residue on the teeth and also increases the saliva in the mouth.

See the dentist regularly.

Having a dentist at Cherokee Smiles check the status of your teeth, mouth, gums, and other oral structures can ensure that it is in tip-top shape. Scheduling checkups and cleanings regularly can guarantee that any irregularities can be taken cared of promptly.


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