Cosmetic Dentistry: Is It Practical?

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Cosmetic dental procedures are not usually necessary for dental health.

The dental experts at Cherokee Smiles take to heart the responsibility to provide you with the dental care you deserve. We believe in recommending only the treatment that will really benefit you.

Why does this sometimes involve recommending cosmetic procedures?

The Biggest Benefit of Cosmetic Procedures

Naturally, we want you to feel good about your smile!

As your most important accessory, your smile should be something you are proud of. That’s why we want your smile to be complete in every aspect. Cosmetic procedures such as…

  • Veneers
  • Bonding
  • Whitening
  • Crowns

…can give your smile just what it needs to stand out!

Surprising Health Benefits

Realistically speaking, does cosmetic dentistry offer any practical benefits to your dental health?

Actually, yes!

Some dental procedures are largely considered cosmetic. Dental implants are a prime example. While implants help improve the look of your smile by filling in empty spaces, they also improve the health of your mouth by:

  • Maintaining tooth alignment
  • Preserving and stimulating bone tissue
  • Helping you chew evenly

Cosmetic procedures make your teeth look so good, you can’t help but want to keep them clean! The motivation to preserve your valuable work will help you fight off gum disease and tooth decay.

Freedom of Choice

One final fact to consider: cosmetic dentistry is not all or nothing. To start enhancing your smile, you can always choose a low-cost and minimally-invasive approach first. You only have to take it a step further if you’re not satisfied with the results.

At Cherokee Smiles, we celebrate your freedom to create the smile of your dreams. Let us help you reach your smile goals! Schedule a consultation today.