Debunking the Myths About Teeth Whitening in Acworth, GA

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As the popularity of teeth whitening increases, so are the misconceptions associated with it. And if you fail to be extra cautious, you might end up using the wrong product and method to whiten your teeth. You surely don’t want to carry the burden of failed teeth whitening procedure due to poor decision-making, do you?

Our goal at Cherokee Smiles is to provide our patients with an effective teeth whitening treatment in a safe, more reliable manner. Being aware that a white smile plays a significant role in the confidence and self-esteem of a person, we ensure that the procedure that we are using can deliver people with a more favorable result. But first, we would like to start educating patients about the important things that they need to learn regarding teeth whitening. We hope that after we debunked these common myths, you’ll be able to convince yourself to whiten your teeth the right way.

Teeth Whitening Pseudo-Facts

The effects of teeth whitening are for a lifetime

They aren’t! With all the constant factors that change the color of the teeth over time like aging and unhealthy lifestyle, your whitened smile can still go back to its once dull appearance. While you cannot completely get away from the things that contribute to stainings and discolorations, you can continue to keep your bright smile by a touch-up treatment with the dentist.

Baking soda is an excellent whitening alternative

Another no! Instead, using baking soda to whiten your teeth will only cause some disruptions to the ratio of harmful and good bacterias in your mouth.

Children can whiten their teeth as well

Unfortunately, teeth whitening is not for all. Since the tissues inside the child’s mouth are delicate, they may be susceptible to damage when exposed to the whitening solution. The best way to give your kids a bright smile is by allowing them to practice the appropriate oral hygiene and bringing them to the dentist every six months for cleanings, checkups, and other preventive care treatments.

Strawberries and lemons are a good whitening duo

It is indeed possible to eliminate stains in your pearly whites using these fruits. Nonetheless, you have to suffer their consequence: worn down tooth enamel.

When it comes to teeth whitening, always trust the dental professional. You can talk to us at Cherokee Smiles to know the best whitening treatment that is suited for you.

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