Dental 101: Regular vs. Deep Cleanings in Acworth, GA

Many people may already be familiar with biannual visits that include thorough checkups, professional cleaning, and other examinations. It is sad to say that despite knowing this, many people still avoid scheduling their appointments. As a result, they tend to suffer from complications without them even knowing. One example is the development of a silent and devastating condition, gum disease. At Cherokee Smiles, aside from our regular checkups and cleanings service, we also offer a deep cleaning procedure. But how does regular and deep cleaning differ? Continue reading to know more.

Dental Cleaning

Deep vs. Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is a procedure that gets rid of buildups on the enamel and above the gumline. The method usually handles the areas where regular brushing and flossing habits are least effective. However, there are still more areas where harmful accumulations can form especially if poor oral hygiene practices are performed. When unwanted particles settle beneath the gums, it is where deep cleanings come in handy.

Deep cleaning, also known as a scaling and root planing procedure is best for people who are affected by gum disease. Aside from covering the areas of the teeth like regular cleanings, it also reaches below the gum line. Uneliminated plaque and other harmful substances accumulate in these areas which causes the gums to become inflamed. If this condition is left unattended, the structures on which the teeth rely on can be compromised. If deep cleanings are performed, aside from healthy teeth, people can also have healthier gums. Fortunately, the gums which have detached from the teeth can be reattached to avoid giving the harmful substances an area to access in the future.

When are Regular and Deep Cleanings Necessary?

It is highly suggested to undergo regular cleanings every six months during routine visits to keep the mouth clean and free from diseases. Deep cleanings, on the other hand, are for people who have been neglecting the care of their oral health. It is ideal for those who are suffering from any stages of gum disease.

At Cherokee Smiles, we recommend our patients not to skip a dental appointment so that our dentist can monitor the state of their oral health. Thanks to this, they can be assured that necessary actions will be taken accordingly to keep their overall wellness in shape.

Everyone deserves outstanding dental care services. We provide Checkups and Cleanings in Acworth, GA. Book your appointment with us at Cherokee Smiles and let us help you achieve beautiful and healthy teeth!