Dental Chair Saves in Acworth, GA

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The streets are filled with a loud alarming sound. Crowds parted as the ambulance rushes. Surely, it’s an emergency. It happens all the time. Despite how one put effort to avoid it, it remains inevitable. But hey, there’s no need to fret as long as one knows whom to call on during these unfortunate events!

When it comes to dental troubles, Cherokee Smiles is a place to go. We offer Urgent Care services for patients with emergency dental needs. As much as possible, mishaps should be avoided, but if it happens, we assure our patients an effective treatment in a blink of an eye!

Urgent Dental Care Is Needed When…

  • The tooth cracks or chips
  • Tooth is knocked-out
  • The dental appliance such as crowns, braces, dentures, and implants have been damaged.
  • Experiencing toothache
  • There is an infected tooth
  • The jaw is broken or in pain

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies

Prevention indeed is always better than cure. Being highly concerned about the dental health of our patients, Cherokee Smiles list down several tips to get rid of dental emergencies.

  • Eat calcium-rich food to build and strengthen the enamel. Strong teeth cannot be easily knocked or chipped.
  • When participating in different sports and other recreational activities, consider wearing a mouthguard to protect the mouth and teeth from possible injuries.
  • Avoid using the teeth as a tool to cut things.
  • Crashing or chewing an ice cube can cause damage to the teeth. As much as possible, be mindful enough of the proper eating habits. For instance, if it is possible, try to slice the apple instead of eating it in whole.

Most of the time, people think that the ER (Emergency Room) is the only place that every patient who suffers from dental urgency must go. Nevertheless, the hospital setting cannot give them the proper care that they need to save their teeth. After all, keeping the overall oral health starts at the dental chair!

Dental emergencies? Contact us at Cherokee Smiles for your Urgent Care appointments in Acworth, GA. Our passionate team is ready to serve you. We are located at 6572 Highway 92 Suite 120 Acworth, GA 30102.