Dental Crowns in Acworth, GA: Common Problems and Remedies

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Many oral problems can cause the teeth to deteriorate. Cavities, for instance, distorts the appearance and function of the teeth, while chips or fractures happen due to injuries. However, this does not mean that the person will no longer have the chance to smile beautifully once again. With the different restorative options here at Cherokee Smiles, everyone can regain their pearly whites.

Save Your Smile With Dental Crowns!

A dental crown is a cap that resembles the shape and looks of a real tooth. The prosthesis is designed to correct and improve the size, shape, strength, and the appearance of the affected portions. It is placed over the tooth, to encase the compromised structure fully. Dental crowns are made up of different materials. But we at Cherokee Smiles use porcelain for the fabrication of the prostheses as it is known to be highly durable and impressively natural-looking.

Dental crowns are reliable and long-lasting. Nevertheless, like any other restorative options, the crown is not exempted for possible problems. To help patients protect their prostheses, we listed down the potential issues for dental crowns along with their remedies.

Problem #1 – Teeth Sensitivity

Patients commonly encounter sensitivity to hot or cold foods right after getting dental crowns. During the procedure, the dentist scrapes off the enamel to provide the prosthesis a proper fit. This process often results in exposed dentin. When teeth sensitivity is experienced after the installation of a crown, it means that the treated tooth is not adequately covered.

Remedies: Talk to the dentist regarding the issue. They will provide a solution to cover the crowned tooth and safeguard the dentin against temperature changes. Using fluoridated toothpaste to combat sensitivity can help as well.

Problem #2 – Decays

The dental crown itself cannot accumulate cavities, but the natural teeth can. Plaque, which is the number one culprit of decay, might settle on the space where the prosthesis and the real tooth meet.

Remedies: The best way to avoid this occurrence is to practice the appropriate dental hygiene and care on a daily basis. If you already have an existing cavity, make sure to ask for a dental filling. You should also visit the clinic for checkups and cleanings every six months to secure both the restoration and your overall oral health.

The problems associated with a dental crown cannot weigh down the amazing benefits it has to offer. After all, you can always prevent these issues by taking precautionary measures.

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