Dental Implants in Acworth, GA: Uses and Aftercare

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To provide a stable tooth replacement for people with missing teeth dental implants are used. It is a titanium post tailored to anchor dental prostheses into the patient’s jaw bone. Implants are created out of materials that are tough enough to serve as the tooth’s root. Since this type of restorative treatment is known to be very versatile and long-lasting, many people invested in it. If you want to regain your smile through the use of dental implants, you may talk to us at Cherokee Smiles. Our dentist can assess your condition and determine if the procedure suits your dental needs. To fully understand dental implants, here is a list of useful information that you might consider:


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The jawbone tends to wear away due to some factors, and tooth decay is one of them. In order for the bone to stay in good shape, it needs to be revived. The teeth are responsible for its stimulation, and once it starts to fall out, the bone in the jaw begins to deteriorate as well. In return, the facial structure will be altered and the risks for jawbone breakage, in the long run, is high. An implant can be used to rebuild the strength of the jaw. The post itself will replace the lost roots and act as a stimulant for the jawbone.

Dental implants escalate the lifespan of the tooth replacements such as dental crowns, bridges, and dentures. Those patients with root structures that are incapable enough to support the prostheses can benefit more from the treatment. The good thing about dental implant is the fact that it can be a firm base for the newly restored teeth, allowing patients to enjoy beautiful smiles that can last a lifetime.

Implants made from titanium can promote the growth of natural support (jaw bone) for the placement of the prosthesis much like the original root of a patient. The post will be permanently attached to the jawbone too. Although the procedure may take months to finish, the process is worth the wait as the patient is expected to have a favorable dental restoration.

Caring for dental implants is simple. Like the rest of the teeth, patients must establish the same oral hygiene routine which incorporates brushing on a daily basis for two minutes, flossing and rinsing for at least once a day.

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