Enhancing Your Smile With Lumineers

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Are you tired of being unhappy with your smile? If you are, Lumineers can be of big help to you! Lumineers is a brand of porcelain veneers manufactured by Denmat Lab. Since Lumineers are made from porcelain, they are tough and can last for around two decades if cared for properly. These smile enhancers are an example of no-prep veneers, meaning they don’t need intense preparation and will require only two visits. Some experts call Lumineers as “reversible” veneers since they can be removed and modified without altering much of the teeth’s structure.

lumineers treatment

Despite being more convenient than other options, only a certified Lumineers dentist can carry out the procedure. So if you wish to have Lumineers, our dentists here at Cherokee Smiles have the proper training and certification. Rest assured, you will be safe in the hands of our experts.

Now that you have a general gist of what Lumineers are, here’s how they can enhance your smile. Read on to know more! 

Lumineers can permanently whiten teeth

Teeth staining and discoloration are common problems for the teeth. Of course, having your teeth whitened is a common option, but it may not eliminate all the stains or last for long. If you avail of Lumineers, it can provide you a long-lasting smile no matter what you may eat or drink.

Lumineers can eliminate gaps and spaces between your teeth

Do you have a gap in front of your teeth or problems with the spaces between your teeth? Lumineers involves a fast, non-invasive procedure that eliminates the gaps between your teeth. You can avail of these ultra-thin “smile shapers” to eliminate the excess space without changing the structure of your original teeth. All of these in just two short visits to your dentist. 

Lumineers can align crooked teeth

If you have crooked teeth but do not want to wear braces, Lumineers can be an alternative treatment for you. Lumineers offer a perfectly-aligned look along with a dazzling smile. Through this, you will no longer have to endure the discomfort of wearing braces.


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