How to Make Sure That Lumineers Would Last?

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Thanks to the availability of dental veneers, people who have always been conscious of their teeth’s appearance can get the smiles they have been dreaming of. This particular prosthesis aims to cover teeth imperfections like stains, chips, malformation, slight misalignments, and more. The good news is, once veneers are placed, there are no risks since the gum tissue tolerates the prosthesis well.

The usual turn off is due to the enamel reduction involved when placing veneers over the problem teeth. But what our patients at Cherokee Smiles should understand is, thanks to newer techniques, it is now possible to place veneers with little to no tooth preparation. It is made possible using an ultra-thin veneer made of porcelain which many patients would prefer compared to the traditional approach.


At Cherokee Smiles, we do not just stop after providing our patients with Lumineers. We see to it that they can get the most out of their smile enhancer by providing some easy tips to follow for proper maintenance. Refer to the list we prepared below!

Seek a solution if teeth grinding is experienced

Teeth grinding or bruxism is a harmful habit for both the real and prosthetic teeth. Patients who experience the condition while wearing Lumineers are at high risk of damaging the said oral appliance. To prevent this from happening, it is best to address the concern to a dental professional so that they can issue a custom-made appliance to be worn during sleep.

Refrain from eating and drinking staining substances

Although porcelain is a known stain resistant material, it is still imperative for patients to control their consumption of foods and liquids with intense colors. The veneers may retain their color, but the surrounding natural teeth are the ones at risk to discoloration. What happens is, the shade of the teeth becomes unsightly and uneven.

Monitor foods consumed

Aside from keeping the prosthesis bright, it is important for patients to watch what they eat since some foods can be too hard for the veneers. Biting down on something too hard can cause the appliance to break, or worse, the natural tooth itself. Although Lumineers are designed to be durable, it is advised for patients not to use their prosthesis mindlessly.

Schedule regular visits

Of course, there is no better way for people to achieve excellent oral health than scheduling dental appointments routinely. It should be observed not only to monitor the prosthesis but the health of the teeth, gums, and other oral structures as well. Doing so ensures that the overall oral health stays in good shape and for the Lumineers to last longer.

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