How to Take Care of Dental Bridges

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After undergoing a dental procedure, specifically, ones that restore the shape and form of the teeth, a person might think that they are bound to last forever. However, despite the restored functionality that allows us to bite and chew as naturally as we used to, these prosthetic devices wear out. They can never be as durable as our original teeth. Ideally, a dental bridge is expected to last up to 10 years with reasonable care and proper oral hygiene.

Dental Bridges

Top tips to help make bridges last

A patient with dental bridges must be aware of what it takes to take care of them for knowing what to do and what to avoid doing goes a long way. That is why we, at Cherokee Smiles, have prepared some of the tips to help make bridges last: 

  • The most crucial step to remember is to take oral health seriously. Practicing good oral hygiene is essential. The most prevalent threat to dental bridges is tooth decay. Food particles can get stuck in between the teeth or the false tooth. Once decay sets in, it eats away the natural teeth and the dental bridge will no longer hold. 
  • Eating a healthy diet benefits the body. It dramatically impacts a person’s health in general, even their oral health. A diet rich in fiber, fruits, and vegetables is ideal. 
  • Visit the dentist regularly. Getting the bridges checked for chips and cracks leads to the early detection of problems. Fixing these issues as early as possible prevents future problems from arising. Patients are usually recommended to go for a dental check-up twice a year. 
  • Prosthetic devices such as dental bridges do not match the strength and durability of the natural teeth. Therefore, it should be used with care and precaution. Pressure during chewing and biting should be minimized. Avoid crunchy food, ice, and chewing on hard objects. 

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