Know More about Cavities in Acworth, GA and the Method for Its Detection

Cavities, tooth decay, dental caries – whatever people call them, they remain as notorious as ever. Most people may have heard about their existence since childhood; however, this does not make them fully aware of its capabilities or prevention.

To know more about cavities! Here is a list of facts we at Cherokee Smiles have prepared. We aim to make our patients stay informed about the means they can do to keep their oral health in a good state and also the possible threats that can compromise their wellness. Without further ado, here are as follows:

Facts about Cavities Worth Knowing

  • According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), tooth decay is the most chronic illness experienced by children in America. However, everyone should know that the condition does not just affect people during their childhood years, even full-grown adults can get cavities.
  • Three main factors make it more likely for a cavity to develop: sensitive teeth, a diet high in sugar or starch, and acid-producing bacterias.
  • Millions of Americans suffer from discomfort, pain, and disability brought by cavities every year – but these can be avoided. Tooth decay is preventable.
  • Babies are born without decay-causing bacterias in their mouths. They acquire these harmful substances from the transmission of saliva from mothers, family members, and caregivers.
  • There are dental treatments that can give protection to the teeth like dental sealants and fluoride applications.
  • Protecting the teeth against cavities by brushing alone would not suffice. It should be partnered with flossing, rinsing, and routine dental appointments.
  • To prevent the formation of cavities, it is essential for patients to watch the amount of sugar and starch in their diet.
  • Disregarding a cavity may require a patient for a root canal treatment or even an extraction in the future. It is best to take action as soon as the earliest signs are spotted to prevent the problem from worsening.

At Cherokee Smiles, we know how important it is to detect the formation of cavities while early. So, aside from performing traditional methods like visual examinations and x-rays, we also have a modern approach – Laser Cavity Detection! With this, it is now possible to spot the earliest signs of cavity formations. Even a minimally-invasive dental treatment would suffice in its prevention and cure. Patients can keep more of their healthy teeth without spending too much.

Suspect you have a cavity? Let us help you pinpoint its location accurately! Avail of our Laser Cavity Detection in Acworth, GA. Book an appointment with us at Cherokee Smiles. Our dental office is located at 6572 Highway 92 Suite 120 Acworth, GA 30102.