Myths About Orthodontics in Acworth, GA—Debunked!

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Orthodontics address issues such as malocclusions, crooked teeth, bad bites, overcrowding, and gapped teeth. It is a special dentistry branch that is sought-after by many people all over the globe. The two oral devices, braces and aligners, made orthodontics even more popular. But while multitudinous people consider this dental service, there are still those who are not so convinced to fix their smile imperfections using the said treatment. The reasons that might shrink the interest of people to invest in orthodontics include the lack of financial resources and the unawareness of the benefits of a straighter smile. The misconceptions regarding orthodontics may even affect the patients’ decisions whether they will wear braces as well as aligners or not. If you are someone who fears the myths floating around the mentioned dental treatment, keep reading below. We straightened some pseudo-facts about orthodontics.

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics’ Myths and Facts

Myth #1 – Orthodontics are only for young patients

No one is prohibited from getting a straighter smile. With that said, everyone is welcome to avail orthodontics treatment. Whether young or adults, orthodontics can cater to both.

Myth #2 – Orthodontics treatments are costly

Some people are not ready to get orthodontics treatment because they see it as an expense. But the good news is, we at Cherokee Smiles offer flexible financing for our dear patients. To know more about the payment options, feel free to talk to our practice.

Myth #3 – It takes long years before orthodontics treatment is completed

The treatment time always depends on the severity of the patient’s case. If their orthodontic problem is mild, then clear aligners can cure it in a few months or so.

Myth #4 – The benefits of orthodontics are solely cosmetic

It is not just the appearance that is improved once a person straightens their teeth with braces or aligners. The other benefits they can embrace are improved eating or speaking functionality and of course, excellent oral health as well as overall wellness.

We hope that by debunking the myths above, you may be encouraged to fix your orthodontic problems with the said treatment.

Remember to give your smile some love; avail Orthodontics in Acworth, GA now. For inquiries, contact us at Cherokee Smiles. We are located at 6572 Highway 92 #120, Acworth, GA 30102.