Regain Your Smiles in Acworth, GA With Dental Bridges

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Experiencing missing teeth is a serious matter. Teeth are made to work together, so when a patient loses a tooth, the other nearby teeth may tilt or drift in an attempt to fill in the gap. We at Cherokee Smiles understand the risks of missing teeth and benefits associated to its treatment. Which is why we provide a solution in the form of Dental Bridges that will help patients in restoring their smiles for a better overall dental condition.




What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental Bridges are commonly known as the replacement of a single or multiple missing teeth. As its name implies, it is used to ‘bridge’ the gap by covering or replacing the spaces between the teeth. Bridges are supported essentially by the healthy teeth at either side of the gap. Bridges are securely placed in the mouth which makes it easier for patients to eat and speak every day normally. Dental Bridges helps in preserving the patients bone and facial structure by preventing the other teeth from shifting or moving out of place.


Advantages Of Cosmetic Bridges

A Cosmetic Bridge is a type of dental bridge that is made of tooth-colored materials which match with the natural teeth structure. At Cherokee Smiles, our cosmetic bridges do not only work by filling the gaps between teeth, it can also appear as natural as the other healthy teeth for better aesthetics.

  • Cosmetic Bridges enhances both the appearance and function of the teeth
  • It reduces the risk of bone reabsorption
  • It eases the pressure placed on the teeth which are on either side of the gap and stops them from falling inwards
  • It prevents tooth decay and gum disease that is caused by the entrapment of food particles in gaps between the teeth
  • It secures the bone structure after missing a tooth or two and preserves the overall facial structure
  • Avoids complications such as TMJ disorder (temporomandibular disorder) or accelerated tooth wear which is due to the disproportionate strain applied to the teeth and the supporting structures.


If you desire to have better oral health, it is best to restore your missing tooth at the earliest time possible. It is to avoid any dental complications from developing which may lead to a more intensive dental treatment.


Aiming to restore your teeth as natural as it was before? Know more about Dental Bridges in Acworth, GA and schedule your appointment with Cherokee Smiles Dental, Acworth, GA.