The Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

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After hearing about root canal treatment, most people often think about scary drills and agonizing pain during the procedure. They would even opt for tooth extraction rather than undergoing root canal treatment due to infection. As a result, they lose teeth that can actually be saved.

So, for everyone to understand why a root canal is something that should be considered, we at Cherokee Smiles have prepared a list of benefits the said treatment offers.

root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is a simple procedure

Unlike what most people think about root canal treatment, this procedure is actually straightforward. Before starting the process, the area around the tooth will be numbed by the dentist for a more comfortable and positive dental experience. A small access hole will be drilled on the chewing surface to remove the infected pulp inside.

It is necessary to get rid of the infected pulp since it is the main reason why the patient is experiencing pain and discomfort. Then, the inside of the tooth will be cleaned to get rid of bacteria and other debris to avoid reinfection. Afterward, the tooth will be filled and sealed. At times, patients avail of dental crowns to preserve and restore the full functionality of the treated tooth.

Relieves the toothache and discomfort

The reason why a patient undergoes this procedure is to alleviate the pain and ease the discomfort caused by infection. Once the infected pulp of the tooth is removed, the patient will be relieved from any dental pain.

Prevent the need for extraction

Most people would prefer undergoing tooth extraction than root canal treatment; however, they should remember that missing teeth can lead to several dental issues. These possible problems include misalignment of the teeth, gum disease, jaw bone loss, and more.

Preserves the teeth

Unlike tooth extraction, root canal treatment saves the teeth from being removed. With the help of the said procedure, a damaged tooth can still be restored, and a dental crown can be placed for a more natural look and feel.

Remember, despite the advances in dental restoration; nothing can replace real teeth. That said, it is always better to save the teeth than have it replaced artificially.

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