The Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

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Having heard of root canal treatment, people would often think about scary drills and agonizing pain during the procedure. Most people would usually opt for tooth extraction rather than undergoing root canal treatment. Does undergoing a root canal treatment beneficial to us?


What are the benefits of undergoing root canal treatment?

root canal treatment


Root canal treatment is a simple procedure

Unlike what most people would perceive about root canal treatment, this procedure is simple and non-invasive. During the procedure, anesthesia will be administered to the patient for a more comfortable and positive dental experience. A small hole will be created to remove the infected pulp inside. The infected pulp is the main reason why the patient is experiencing pain and discomfort. Then, the insides of the tooth will be cleaned to remove the bacteria, and dental crowns will be placed.


Relieves the toothache and discomfort

The reason why a patient undergoes this procedure is to alleviate the pain and ease the discomfort they feel. Once the infected pulp of the tooth is removed, the patient will be relieved from suffering toothache and discomfort.


Undergoing root canal treatment can prevent the tooth from being extracted

Although, most people would prefer undergoing tooth extraction than root canal treatment, however, a missing tooth can lead to several dental issues. These dental issues include misalignment of the teeth, gum disease, jaw bone loss, and more.


Root canal treatment saves the teeth

Unlike tooth extraction where the tooth should be removed, root canal treatment saves the tooth from extraction. With root canal treatment, the damaged tooth can still be restored, and a dental crown may be placed to provide a natural-looking tooth.


Root canal treatment improves the tooth’s appearance

An infected tooth appears different compared to the surrounding teeth. Tooth decay and damage of the tooth will lead to stains, cracks, and a change in color, giving you an ugly looking smile. With root canal treatment, the damaged tooth will be restored by using a dental crown. This would improve the appearance of the tooth, giving you a beautiful and mesmerizing smile.


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