The Dangers of Not Fixing Bad Bites in Acworth, GA

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Orthodontic treatments are one of the most in-demand dental treatment in the field of dentistry today. For some, opting for an orthodontic treatment enables them to enhance, restore, and even improve their smiles while others invest in orthodontic treatment for a more serious reason, to aid their bite problems.

We at Cherokee Smiles provides Orthodontic Treatments to patients who want to correct and align their bites, improve their smiles, and fix their teeth. We care about the orthodontic needs of the patient that is why we offer different orthodontic treatment options for them including the most reliable in straightening the teeth and the smiles braces treatment, traditional braces.

Traditional braces fix even the most complicated issues of the teeth such as overcrowding. After the orthodontic braces treatment, it is also vital that the patient will wear an orthodontic retainer, which also made available by our clinic, to avoid the newly treated teeth to come back to its original form. For extreme bite problems, we also give solutions by using splints, palatal expander, and even headgear to make sure that the patient will see a more effective result after the treatment.


Orthodontic treatment


Bad bites are commonly the reason why a lot of people is wearing orthodontic braces. Bite problems may occur for some reasons. Sometimes, the misalignment and irregularities in the teeth such as crooked, chipped, or missing teeth can aggravate bad bite. There are different types of bad bite or malocclusion:

Class I. It is marked by crooked, spaced, turned, and crowded teeth but there is no problem in the upper and lower jaw.

Class II. It is called “overbite.” The upper and lower jaw are too apart from each other. The top jaw is too far in front, and the bottom jaw is too far back.

Class III. It is called “underbite.” It happens when the upper jaw is too far back, and the lower jaw is too far front.

Crossbite. When the upper teeth stay inside the lower teeth during eating.

Open Bite. The front teeth are left open when biting.

Closed Bite. The upper teeth excessively cover the lower teeth.


What Are The Impacts Of Bad Bites?

A bad bite can affect one’s overall health. The misaligned jaw can cause stress and strain on the jaw joint surrounding the muscles which then impacts posture leading to lower back pain. When posture is affected, circulation of the blood will be at risk. Other health issues associated with a bad bite include headaches, insomnia, neck pain, chewing difficulty, head and neck alignment. People with bad bite might develop a temporomandibular joint disorder or TMD and might experience TMD symptoms such as jaw joint pain, clicking or popping when opening the mouth, and neck pain. A bad bite can also cause one to have poor oral hygiene because crooked or crowded teeth might be challenging to clean. If not given a solution, it will be a potential cause of tooth decay and gum disease. However, with the help of orthodontic treatments, a bad bite can be treated.


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