What is Orthodontics, Acworth, GA?

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Some people are suffering from orthodontic issues which affect not only the mouth structure but also the smile. Since a smile is the best asset that can improve appearance and social relationships, orthodontics was developed.Orthodontics is dentistry field that is consists of series of procedures that deals with teeth and jaw issues that put the oral health at risk. It offers a range of treatments that give a healthy and beautiful smile. Here in Cherokee Smiles, we offer orthodontic procedures which can fix misalignments and other orthodontic issues.



Dental problems orthodontics can fix

The patient will need an orthodontic treatment if they are  suffering from teeth and jaw irregularities such as:

  • Overbite and Underbite

Overbite occurs when the upper jaw extends forward than the lower jaw. On the other hand, Underbite occurs when the lower jaw extends forward than the upper jaw.

  • Crossbite

Crossbite occurs when one or more teeth in the upper jaw bite inside the lower teeth.

  • Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth are those with incorrect relation when approaching each other as the jaws close.

  • Teeth Misalignment

It refers to the incorrect positioning of teeth that increases the risk of plaque buildup that can put oral health at risk.

  • Overcrowded teeth

It happens when the mouth has no enough space, but a new tooth forced its way out and erupted, pushing other teeth to make space.

  • Gapped teeth

It is characterized by the spaces between teeth caused by missing teeth or teeth misalignment.

  • Open Bite

It refers to the space between the biting surface. In other words, the upper and lower front teeth do not contact.


Benefits of Orthodontics

  • Achieve and enjoy a beautiful smile
  • Improve biting and chewing functions
  • Avoid plaque buildup
  • Reduce the risk of developing cavities
  • Improve appearance
  • Proper teeth positioning

Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontics offers a variety of treatments that fix teeth and jaw irregularities with the use of orthodontic devices that apply gentle and persistent pressure to the teeth and jaw and gradually correct the teeth position. Orthodontic procedures include:

  • Braces
  • Aligners
  • Retainers
  • Headgears

If you are a person suffering from orthodontic issues, mention above, visit your dentist undergo examination and receive proper treatment.


The road to a straighter, healthier mouth begins with an orthodontist appointment.  If you’re looking for Orthodontic Treatments in Acworth, contact us at Cherokee Smiles and schedule an appointment.  We’ll make sure to answer any other questions you might have.