Tooth Colored Fillings

With the advancements in family dentistry and the quality of modern dental materials, tooth colored fillings allow you to strengthen your smile while also improving the way it looks. There are many advantages that white, composite fillings have over traditional metal fillings:

  • Smaller restorations
  • Better aesthetics
  • Less tooth preparation
  • Shade selection
  • More flexibility for placement

Are your existing metal fillings beginning to leak and stain your tooth enamel? Replace them! Cherokee Smiles offers tooth colored filling replacement treatments to help improve the health of your teeth as well as the appearance of your smile.

Tooth colored fillings come in a variety of shades, allowing our dentists to choose the perfect one that blends right in with your tooth enamel. Even if your filling is on a front tooth, it won’t be noticeable by other people because of how well it blends in.

Natural Color Dental Fillings

Composite fillings and bonding can be used on teeth that are in the front of the mouth or have chipped areas that are visible when you smile. You wouldn’t want to put a silver filling anywhere like this. Natural color dental fillings allow Dr. Negelow to rebuild your tooth and make it look completely whole again.

You can choose to have your existing metal fillings replaced with one of our composite fillings at any time. Many people find that their silver fillings begin causing tooth discoloration as the filling gets older. We can remove the metal filling and discolored enamel to put a tooth-colored restoration in its place.

With so many shades of material to choose from, your new filling will look completely natural. Most people will never even be able to tell that you’ve had a filling placed on your tooth. Our careful shade selection process will ensure that your filling matches the enamel around it.

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